Monday, June 18, 2007


JY & I were both free today, and we decided to go thrifting. First, we fuelled up at Karu's. We both had rice, and I had mine with mutton curry and a side of thairu (yoghurt). The cooling yoghurt helps balance the fiery chilli. Even then I couldn't finish my meal, it was much too spicy :X

Here's JY finishing her meal

proved to be boring and uneventful. I did come away with a Star Wars book for the boyfriend, and a funny illustrated book on the life of Mao Tse Tung that's meant for children. But that was all, a disappointing haul.

Thank goodness for the Karu lunch and sushi dinner!


JY said...

Damn unglam lah the picture!

Lachefderouge said...

hi.. do you have a curry recipe... the way you like to make it... i like the suggest of yogurt... i don't think i had it that way yet :)