Sunday, June 17, 2007

First wedding of the year.

It's not often that I attend a wedding, and today I did just that. Before leaving home my mum gave me a green packet, to give to the brides' mother(yes, brides'... sisters sharing a wedding day). I never used to notice these things- when to give the green packet, what to say to the brides' parents, acceptable topics of conversation while eating...

The wedding, it was truly one of a kind! There was an inflatable castle to keep the kids occupied, an ice-cream motorbike giving away free flow of ice cream, and the dais and overall decor was just... BEAUTIFUL! Pity my camera's not working.

In between mouthfuls of nasi briyani and ayam masak merah, my dad actually asked what kind of wedding I want. Alamak... I'm not prepared for that kind of conversation...yet!

But I don't mind an inflatable castle at my wedding, that will surely keep the kids occupied!

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