Monday, August 06, 2007

The people I had dinner with today

My boyfriend got the night off from camp, Dhil also came from camp, JY from work (only shutting down her computer after our incessant naggings, I bet), and Charlie came all the way from the other side of the island. The foodcourt was near my house so I just hung around and waited for Shad to pick me up :p

Shad, JY, Dhil & Charlie

Here's something food related that is still funny (after all these years!). It's something our friend Taufiq came up with- so lame its funny.

Why do alot of people like mayo?
Because its naise.

Why we need to work

It says:

We need to work to
earn money to eat
buy things pay bills
and live happily

So money = living happily?

Dear little boy/girl,
I wished it was that simple!
Big people (your teacher included) lie sometimes.
But I'll let you do the finding out on your own.
Love, Harleee.