Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last of the forbidden foods...

Our family faced a scare on Thursday, when Mama was suspected of having a stroke. She went to the doctor's, saying her face felt numb and heavy, and was immediately told to go to the hospital A&E.

She's alright now, after an overnight observation and several tests, and am I relieved it wasn't a stroke! Turns out, her cholesterol level is high, which caused the numbness and heaviness, which has since gone away. PHEW!

But... A dietary change is in order, for everyone in the family. The dietitian made some suggestions, like substituting full cream milk and coconut milk with low-fat, eating less meat, removing all visible fat before cooking, that kind of thing. Man, I just hope coffee tastes okay with a non-dairy low fat creamer.

I leave you with photos from last week. All these foods (and drinks!) I have to consume less of...


Last Thursday I had ice-cream with Akmar
(who took this photo)
That same night, hazelnut hot chocolate with Shad
And on Sunday... Cake! At Luqman & Nas' birthday BBQ
Monday- Lunchbox with rice and leftover satay (from BBQ)


mushroommeadows said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mom is okay! What a scare.

A new, healthy diet. :( I hear you.

Lachefderouge said...

gosh i wish i could eat like that... that looks good :)