Thursday, July 12, 2007


On Sunday Shad & I went to the Science Center to catch the IMAX show, Dinosaurs- Giants of Patagonia .

Before the show started we went on the 'Dinosaurs' stimulated ride, which was really lame and not the least exciting! The graphics were really ugly and the 'storyline'... what storyline?

After that disappointing ride, we went to the souvenir shop where we oohed and ahhhed over big telescopes we can't afford and laughed at the souvenirs that don't exactly fit. What was Winnie the Pooh doing at the Science Centre gift shop? Beats me. Anyway, we came away with that thing I'm sinking my teeth into... (and checkout the bronto earrings I wore in honour of the event)

If you guessed ice-cream, you're almost right! It's Neapolitan flavour freeze-dried ice-cream!

I'm not sure Horatio approves...

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mushroommeadows said...

I actually like the taste of those freeze-dried icecreams. :) Yum.

And, I LOVE CSI Miami. I think I might like CSI Las Vegas a tad bit more, and I think I like CSI NY a tad bit less. hehe, how bout you?